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By the way – is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?

Let's do this.

Q: "So, is Genesis64 dead yet?"
A: "Heck! No."

Q: "Why isn't there anything to see?"
A: "Heavy rewriting, new parser, lack of time (and sometimes motivation)."

Q: "Are there still news about it on twitter?"
A: "Nope, I'm not going to visit the church of moronic Elon worshiping anymore (except for deleting)."

Q: "Where then?"
A: "Mastodon of course, see: https://oldbytes.space/@nGFX"

Q: "Sooooo .... any news?"
A: "I ported my MiniFSM class over to typescript and added it to the 'boot' process, and it'll be used for running the whole thing as well. I'm also working on the memory map, so it uses the same values as the real C64. After that, it's back to adding more C64 commands and functions, right now there are only poke and peek are really working."

And that's it.

Until next time (in a year or so :| )

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